How to Access Blend on Spotify

Spotify is a leading music streaming service that has evolved significantly over the years, offering its users unlimited access to millions of songs, podcasts, and playlists. One noteworthy feature of Spotify is Blend, a social music-sharing feature that allows you to combine your taste in music with that of your friend’s. Blend creates a custom playlist based on your friend’s taste and yours, updating it over time as both of your music tastes evolve. This blog will guide you on how to access Blend on Spotify to explore this feature fully and find new music to add to your playlist.

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Why You Need to Access Blend on Spotify

If you’re a music lover, you probably understand that finding new music can be quite challenging. The Spotify Blend feature can help you discover new music that aligns with your taste. By creating a playlist that combines your music taste and that of your friends, you can explore new music and find songs you might have never come across before. Furthermore, the blend playlist updates every day, so you’ll have a constant supply of fresh songs to listen to.

Method 1: Access Blend on Spotify via Your Friend’s Invitation

When your friend sends you an invitation to join a Blend playlist, Spotify will automatically create a unique Blend playlist for you. You can join the Blend by following the steps below:

1. Open your Spotify app and go to the "Home" tab.
2. Scroll down the page to find a section called "Made for You."
3. Under this section, find the "Blend" playlist that your friend created and sent to you.
4. Click on the Blend playlist to open it.
5. Once the playlist is open, you can stream and add songs to your library like any other Spotify playlist.


– Easy to join a Blend playlist
– No need to create your playlist


– You can only access Blend if your friend initiates it.

Method 2: Access Blend on Spotify via Search

If you don’t have a friend who’s initiated a Blend playlist, you can search for one using Spotify’s search function, as shown below:

1. Open your Spotify app and navigate to the "Search" tab.
2. Type "Blend" in the search bar and press enter.
3. Scroll through the results to find the Blend playlist that you’re interested in joining.
4. Tap on the playlist to open it.
5. Once the playlist is open, you can stream and add songs to your library like any other Spotify playlist.


– Easy to search for a Blend playlist
– You can access Blend even if your friend hasn’t initiated it.


– You have to know what to search for in the first place.

Method 3: Access Blend on Spotify via Friends Activity section

You can use the Friends’ Activity section in the Spotify app to see what songs your friends are listening to, and if any of them have a Blend playlist, you can join from there. Here’s how:

1. Open your Spotify app and navigate to the "Home" tab.
2. Scroll down until you reach the "Friend Activity" section and click on it.
3. Find the friend whose music you’re interested in checking out.
4. Click on the friend’s name to see their recent activity.
5. If they have a Blend playlist, click on it to open it.
6. You can then start streaming the music from the Blend playlist.


– It’s easy to follow your friends’ musical tastes.
– You have a chance to discover new music from friends.


– You can’t join Blend if none of your friends has initiated the playlists.

What to Do If You Can’t Access Blend on Spotify?

If you can’t access Blend on Spotify, here are a few things you can try:

– Confirm that you have the latest version of the Spotify app.
– Ensure that your app is fully updated and that your Spotify account is premium.
– Check that your app is not restricted by a firewall or VPN.
– Ensure that you’re not trying to access Blend from a non-compatible device.

Bonus Tip

If you’re interested in finding more songs based on your taste, you can use Spotify’s many algorithms. The service always updates its playlists and recommends new tunes that you might enjoy, based on what you listen to on Spotify. You can create your playlists, or explore the many pre-made playlists.

5 FAQs

Q: Is Blend only available for premium Spotify members?

A: Yes, Blend is only available for Spotify Premium members.

Q: How often will Blend playlists update?

A: Blend playlists update daily, so there’s always new music to discover.

Q: Can I create a Blend playlist with more than one friend?

A: Currently, you can only create Blend playlists with one friend.

Q: Can I block a friend from seeing what I’m listening to and accessing my Blend playlists?

A: Yes, you can block specific friends from seeing your activity on Spotify.

Q: Can I chat with friends on Blend playlists?

A: Currently, there is no chat function on Blend playlists.

Final Thoughts

With the Blend feature, Spotify makes it easy to discover new music and create playlists with friends. We hope this guide has helped you learn the best ways to access Blend on Spotify. Whether you’re a long time user, or just getting started, exploring the Blend feature will improve and diversify your playlists.