How to Access My Other Artists on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming apps worldwide, allowing music lovers to listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere. One of the best features of Spotify is that it provides listeners with access to millions of songs from thousands of artists. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find your desired artist when you can only remember their name, but not their songs or albums. In this blog, we’ll guide you on how you can access other artists on Spotify by following some easy methods.

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What’s Needed

Before we start, you’ll need to ensure that you have a Spotify account with a subscription. Also, you should have a strong internet connection to access the streaming service with ease. Additionally, you’ll need to have the Spotify mobile app installed on your phone or tablet.

What requires your attention is…

While using the below-mentioned methods, you need to make sure that you enter accurate search queries. Also, ensure that your location services are enabled so that the app can accurately detect your location and recommend relevant artists in your area. Lastly, keep your Spotify app updated to enjoy the latest features and enhancements.

Method 1: Using the Search Bar

The most common way of finding artists on Spotify is by using the search bar. Here are the steps involved:
1. Open the Spotify app on your device and enter the name of the artist you’re looking for in the search bar.
2. Press the "Search" button to initiate the search.
3. Spotify will generate a list of artists with their albums, songs, and playlists.
4. Choose the desired artist from the results and start listening to their music.

Method 2: Using Related Artists

Spotify provides a "Related Artists" feature that enables listeners to discover other artists who create the same genre of music that they like. Here’s how you can find new artists using the feature:
1. Open the Spotify app on your device and navigate to the artist’s page whose related artists you want to explore.
2. Scroll down on the artist’s page until you find the "Fans Also Like" section.
3. In the same section, you will see a list of related artists. Choose the desired artist from the list and start listening to their music.

Method 3: Using the Discover Tab

Spotify’s "Discover" page recommends different artists, albums, and even podcasts depending on the listener’s preferences. Here’s how you can find new artists using the Discover feature:
1. Open the Spotify app on your device.
2. Click on the "Search" magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. Scroll down and select the "Discover" tab from the menu at the top of the screen.
4. Spotify will recommend various artists based on your listening history and preferences. Simply select the desired artist and start listening to their music.

Method 4: Using Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to find new music and other artists. Many artists have their profiles on social media accounts and post regular updates about their music. Here’s how you can use social media to find new artists:
1. Open your favorite social media platform (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
2. Enter the name of the desired artist in the search bar.
3. The platform will generate a list of artists with their profiles and recent posts.
4. Follow the desired artist on social media and get updates about their new music releases and concerts.

Why Can’t I Find Certain Artists on Spotify?

1. The artist has not released their music on Spotify yet.
2. The artist’s music is only available in specific regions where Spotify is not available.
3. The artist has decided to remove their music from Spotify.

Implications and Recommendations

Spotify provides a vast collection of music and artists to choose from, but finding a specific artist can sometimes be tricky. These four methods can help you find your desired artists with ease. Additionally, we recommend exploring Spotify’s numerous features like playlists, podcasts, and the "Daily Mix" feature to discover new artists.


Q: Can I listen to music offline on Spotify?

A: Yes, you can download songs and listen to them offline by adding them to your playlist and then enabling the "Offline Mode" option in the app settings.

Q: How do I create a playlist on Spotify?

A: To create a playlist, click on the "New Playlist" option in the left sidebar, give your playlist a name, and start adding songs by searching or dragging.

Q: How can I share my playlists with others on Spotify?

A: To share your playlists with others, click on the three dots next to the playlist name, select "Share," and choose the platform on which you want to share it.

Q: Is Spotify available in my country?

A: Spotify is available in over 200 countries worldwide. Check to see if your country is on the list of supported countries by visiting the Spotify website.

Q: Can I change the sound quality of music on Spotify?

A: Yes, you can change the sound quality of music by going to the Spotify settings, clicking on the "Music Quality" option, and choosing your desired quality level.


Spotify offers an endless selection of music and artists, and finding your favorite one shouldn’t trouble you. By using the search bar, related artists, discover, or social media, you can access new and known artists with ease. Keep exploring Spotify’s numerous features to make the most out of your music experience.