How to Add A Second Person to Spotify

Spotify is an amazing music streaming platform for everyone who enjoys listening to music. It has made the process of music streaming easier, quicker, and more convenient. Spotify allows its users to listen to the world’s most extensive music collections and podcasts on their mobile devices, desktop, and any other streaming devices with internet accessibility. However, some Spotify users are unaware of a unique feature that enables them to add a second person to their Spotify account. As a result, many people have been missing out on some amazing benefits of this feature.

This blog post aims to guide and educate Spotify users on how to add a second person to their Spotify account to enjoy endless music streaming, share playlists, and more.

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Why You Need to Add A Second Person to Spotify

Adding a second person to your Spotify account has a plethora of benefits. One of its most significant advantages is that it allows you and your friend or family member to split the cost of your Spotify Premium subscription, which is an excellent money-saving strategy. You won’t have to pay the full prices of a Spotify premium plan if you have another person that you can share the subscription fee with.

Another significant advantage is that once you add another person to your Spotify account, you’ll be able to share playlists and music recommendations. You’ll be able to share your music library without having to share your music streaming habits. It’s a fantastic way to broaden your music streaming horizons.

Method 1: Via Spotify’s Family Subscription

The most popular way to share your Spotify subscription with someone else is by signing up for Spotify’s Family Subscription. Here’s how to do it:

1. First, ensure that every user has their own Spotify account.
2. Head over to Spotify’s website and click on the "Get the Family Plan" button.
3. Choose how many members you want to add to your family subscription. Spotify allows you to add up to six members.
4. Once you’ve selected the number of members, you’ll be directed to a payment page. Spotify’s Family plan costs $14.99 per month.
5. Choose the payment method that suits you and complete the payment.
6. Now you can invite your family member or friend to join your plan.
7. Ask the member you’ve invited to check their email inbox, as Spotify would have sent them an invitation to join your plan.
8. Once they’ve accepted your invitation, they’ll be prompted to sign up to their own Spotify account if they don’t have one yet.
9. Once they’ve signed up, they can link their account to your family plan by entering the same address as the one provided in your family plan account.


– Supports up to six members
– Easy to invite and set up
– Can save up to $5 per person compared to Spotify Premium individual plans


– All family members will have the same billing information.
– Family members must live at the same address.

Method 2: Sharing Login Credentials

Sharing your Spotify login credentials with another person is another way to add a second person to your account. It’s a simple and straightforward procedure. Here’s how to do it:

1. First, ensure that every user has access to the login credentials.
2. If you have a shared device or computer, log out of your account.
3. Log in with your friend or family member’s account information.
4. Once they’ve signed in to their account, you can now access their Spotify library and playlists.


– It’s a quick way to share your subscription without any additional fees.


– It’s not a foolproof method as it could lead to complications when it comes to billing.
– Sharing login credentials is unsafe and could result in account suspension.

Method 3: Via Facebook

If you’re Facebook friends with the person you want to share your subscription with, you can also add them to your Spotify account by connecting to Facebook. Here’s how to do it:

1. Sign in to your Spotify account and click on the "Edit Profile" button.
2. Click on the "Connect to Facebook" button and sign in to your Facebook account.
3. Facebook will then ask for your permission to share your Spotify account information.
4. Once you’ve granted permission, your Facebook friends using Spotify will appear on your friend’s list.
5. You can add them to your account by clicking on "follow" under their username.


– It’s easy and convenient.
– You can connect and share your account with friends easily and quickly.


– The method is only useful if you’re following the person you want to share with.
– It’s not practical for people who value their privacy as your friends on Facebook can see your playlist information.

What to Do If You Can’t Add A Second Person to Spotify

If you can’t add a second person to your Spotify account, there are a few fixes you can apply to ensure a seamless music streaming experience. First, you can opt to sign up for Spotify’s Individual Premium Plan, which allows only one user per account. Another fix is to use another streaming platform that allows multiple users, such as Apple Music. However, this could mean switching from an excellent music streaming platform to a different platform altogether.

Bonus Tip

If you’re part of Spotify’s Student Plan, you too can add a second person to your account. Spotify’s Student Premium Plan allows one additional member per account at no additional cost. All you need to do is visit the Spotify student plan page and sign up for the plan. From there, you can add a friend to your account and enjoy the fantastic features of Spotify Premium together.

5 FAQs

Q: Can I add someone to my Spotify account without them having to see my personal information?

A: Yes. Sharing Spotify’s Family Plan or using Facebook are secure methods of sharing your account without your friend or family member seeing your personal information.

Q: Do I need to have a Premium subscription to add someone to my Spotify account?

A: No. You can add someone to Spotify via Facebook even if you’re on the free tier plan.

Q: Can I add more than one person to my Spotify account using the Family subscription?

A: Yes. You can add up to six people to a family subscription.

Q: Can the family members who I add via the Spotify Family Premium plan see my personal playlist?

A: No. Spotify will only share playlists as per the user’s privacy settings.

Q: What’s the difference between the family subscription and sharing login credentials?

A: While sharing login credentials gives immediate access to the other person’s account, family allows users to save on subscription fees and is a more secure method.

Final Thoughts

Adding a second person to your Spotify account is a fantastic way to save money while enjoying endless music streaming. There are several methods to add a second person to your account, such as using Spotify’s family subscription, sharing login credentials, or via Facebook. Although sharing login credentials is an easy and fast solution, it’s the least secure method. On the other hand, sharing your subscription via the family plan will save you money and offers better privacy compared to other methods.