How to Add My Podcast to Spotify

Are you looking to expand the reach of your podcast beyond your current listenership? One way to do so is to add your podcast to Spotify, a popular streaming platform with millions of active users. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps required to successfully add your podcast to Spotify and maximize its potential reach.

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Why You Need to Add Your Podcast to Spotify

If you’re in the business of creating audio content, you’ll want to distribute your podcast to as many platforms as possible in order to reach a wider audience. Spotify is an excellent choice for doing so because they feature a variety of podcasts in a wide range of genres.

In November 2020, Spotify reported having 320 million active users, with over 144 million of them being paid subscribers. Furthermore, Spotify has invested heavily in podcasting, acquiring companies like Gimlet Media, Anchor, and Parcast. It’s clear that Spotify sees a bright future in the podcasting industry, and by adding your podcast to their library, you can reap the benefits of their marketing efforts.

Method 1: Using a Podcast Hosting Platform

One of the easiest ways to add your podcast to Spotify is by using a podcast hosting platform that offers a direct integration with Spotify. Here’s how to do it:

1. Sign up for a podcast hosting service that integrates with Spotify. Some popular options include Buzzsprout, Podbean, and Anchor.
2. Follow the steps provided by your hosting platform to upload your podcast episodes.
3. Navigate to your hosting platform’s integration page, select Spotify, and follow the prompts to connect your podcast to Spotify.
4. Once approved, your podcast will be added to Spotify’s library, and new episodes will automatically be added as they are released.

– This method is straightforward and requires minimal technical know-how.
– Automatic updates make publishing new episodes a hands-off process.

– Not all podcast hosting services offer a direct integration with Spotify.
– You’ll need to pay for a hosting service, which can be a recurring expense.

Method 2: Submitting Your Podcast to Spotify Manually

If your podcast hosting platform does not offer a direct integration with Spotify, or if you prefer to upload your episodes to Spotify manually, you can do so using Spotify’s Podcasters dashboard. Here’s how:

1. Navigate to the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard and log in using your Spotify account.
2. Click on "Get Started" and follow the prompts to submit your podcast feed.
3. Once your feed has been successfully submitted, you’ll receive an email confirming that your submission is being reviewed.
4. When your podcast is approved, you’ll receive another email with instructions on how to claim your podcast and customize your listing.

– This method allows for more control over the appearance of your listing.
– It’s free to submit your podcast directly to Spotify.

– The manual submission process can be time-consuming.
– If you’re not technically savvy, navigating the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard could present a challenge.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party Playlist Curator

Another way to get your podcast on Spotify is by working with a third-party playlist curator, which will place your podcast in an existing playlist on Spotify. Here’s how:

1. Identify a playlist curator in your niche or industry that has an audience similar to your target audience.
2. Reach out to the curator and inquire about adding your podcast to their playlist.
3. If the curator agrees, they’ll need your podcast’s RSS feed URL to add it to the playlist.
4. Once added, your podcast will be featured alongside other podcasts in the playlist.

– This method can provide additional exposure for your podcast to a specific audience.
– Playlist curators often have a dedicated following that trusts their taste and recommendations.

– You’ll need to identify and reach out to a playlist curator, which can be time-consuming.
– It’s not guaranteed that your podcast will be added to the curator’s playlist.

What to Do If You Can’t Add Your Podcast to Spotify

If for some reason you’re unable to add your podcast to Spotify, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

– Double-check that your RSS feed is formatted correctly and meets Spotify’s requirements.
– Reach out to your podcast hosting platform’s customer support team for assistance.
– Consider using a third-party distributor that specializes in podcast distribution to multiple platforms.

Bonus Tip

In addition to Spotify, consider submitting your podcast to other popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. The more platforms your podcast is available on, the greater its potential reach.

5 FAQs

Q1: How long does it take for Spotify to approve my podcast submission?

A: The approval process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the volume of submissions.

Q2: Can I edit my podcast listing once it’s been added to Spotify?

A: Yes, you can log in to the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard to edit your podcast’s title, description, and artwork.

Q3: Do I need to have a paid Spotify account to access the Podcasters dashboard?

A: No, you can use a free Spotify account to access the dashboard.

Q4: Is it possible to monetize my podcast on Spotify?

A: Yes, Spotify offers a program called Spotify Audience Network that allows podcasters to monetize their content through advertising.

Q5: Can I see how many listens my podcast is getting on Spotify?

A: Yes, the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard provides detailed analytics for your podcast, including the number of listens and unique listeners.

Final Thoughts

Adding your podcast to Spotify is a worthwhile endeavor that can expand your audience and increase your reach. Whether you choose to do so through a hosting platform, manual submission, or a third-party curator, the end result will be worth the effort. Don’t forget to promote your podcast on social media and other online channels to maximize its visibility and success.