How to Add Songs to Your Playlist on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms globally, with millions of users around the world. It offers a wide range of music genres, playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks for its users to enjoy. One of the most significant features of Spotify is the ability to create and personalize playlists according to your choice. If you are a music lover and interested in creating playlists, this topic is perfect for you. This blog will guide you on ‘How to Add Songs to your Playlist on Spotify.’

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Why You Need to Add Songs to Your Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify provides a platform for you to create personalized playlists with your favorite songs, and there are several reasons why you need to add songs to your playlist on Spotify. Firstly, a playlist is a great way to organize your music according to your choice and mood. Secondly, creating a playlist helps you to discover new artists and songs within a music genre. Thirdly, you can share your playlists with your friends and family, thereby exposing them to your favorite music, and vice versa.

Method 1: Via the Spotify Desktop App

Spotify desktop app is the most conventional way of adding songs to your playlist. Follow the steps below to create a new playlist and add songs to it.

1. Launch the Spotify Desktop App and log in to your account.
2. Click on ‘New Playlist’ on the left side of your Spotify home page.
3. Select a name for your playlist and add a description.
4. Click on ‘Create.’
5. Search and select songs from the Spotify library.
6. Click and drag the songs to your newly created playlist.
7. Alternatively, right-click on the song and click ‘Add to Playlist.’


Easy to understand and execute, Suitable for creating personalized content


Requires a Spotify desktop app and an internet connection.

Method 2: Via the Spotify Mobile App

If you prefer using your phone instead of your desktop, the Spotify mobile app is another option for adding songs to your playlist. Follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
2. Click on the ‘Library’ button on the bottom of the screen.
3. Click on ‘Playlists’ and click on the playlist you want to add songs.
4. Click on the ‘Add Songs’ button on the top right side of the screen.
5. Search and select the songs you want to add.
6. Alternatively, click on the three vertical dots beside every song and click on ‘Add to Playlist.’


Convenient for on-the-go music selection


Small phone screen may make it difficult to navigate efficiently.

Method 3: Via Third-party Websites

Using a third-party website is another way of adding songs to your Spotify playlist. Websites like Soundiiz, Musconv, Tune my Music, and many others provide services to transfer playlists across different platforms. Follow the steps below:

1. Browse and select a website. For example, we will be using Soundiiz.
2. Sign up for an account and allow it to access your Spotify account.
3. Click on the ‘Add a New Playlist’ button.
4. Select Spotify as your playlist type.
5. Select the playlist you want to transfer, and click on ‘continue.’
6. Choose the destination playlist and click on ‘continue.’
7. Click on ‘Start Moving my Music.’


Supports the transfer of playlists from one platform to another


Requires a third-party website to access Spotify playlists.

What to Do If You Can’t Add Songs to Your Playlist on Spotify

Listed below are some of the identified challenges that may be encountered when trying to add songs to your Spotify playlist.

– If you can’t add a song to your playlist, it may be unavailable in your region.
– Ensure that your Spotify account has an active subscription or trial period.
– Check that you have an internet connection, and your Spotify app is updated to the latest version.
– Ensure that the song is unavailable to save because the artist has not given permission.

Bonus Tip: How to Create a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

Collaborative playlists are an excellent way to create a shared music experience with your friends. Follow the steps below to create a collaborative playlist:

1. Create a new playlist and click on the three horizontal dots on the playlist’s top right corner.
2. Click on ‘Collaborative Playlist.’
3. Select a friend to share the playlist with, and click on ‘Invite.’
4. Your chosen friend will receive an email invite to join and work on the playlist together.

5 FAQs on Adding Songs to Your Spotify Playlist

Q1: How many songs can I add to my Spotify playlist?

A: You can add up to 10,000 songs on your Spotify playlist.

Q2: Can I add a song that is not available on Spotify to my playlist?

A: No. If the song is not available on Spotify, you can’t add it to your playlist.

Q3: Can I add a song to multiple playlists on Spotify?

A: Yes. Choose all the playlists you want to include the song during the ‘Add to Playlist’ process.

Q4: Can I add a song to my playlist without adding it to my library?

A: Yes. When adding a song, toggle off the ‘Add to Library’ feature.

Q5: How do I delete a song from my playlist on Spotify?

A: Right-click on the song and click ‘Remove from this Playlist.’

Final Thoughts

Adding songs to your playlist on Spotify provides an excellent opportunity for music lovers to organize their music choices according to their preferences and discover new artists within a genre. You can use various methods such as the desktop or mobile app, and third-party websites to add songs to your Spotify playlist. Collaborative playlists and the ability to customize playlists make Spotify a great platform for music sharing. With the information provided in this blog, you can enjoy a seamless music experience on Spotify.