How to Add Video to Spotify Podcast

Podcasts are widely popular across the internet and are being watched/heard by millions every day. They can be either audio or video-based, however, Spotify currently only permits the audio version, which may limit podcast creators’ opportunities to expand their audience. Hence, "How to Add Video to Spotify Podcast" is a crucial topic for the podcasters who want to reach a wider audience through video.

In this article, we will be discussing the methods to add video to the Spotify podcast, the prerequisites for it, and the necessary tools that are required. You will also get an insight into the pros and cons of each method, reasons why you cannot add video to Spotify podcasts, implications of video addition, and finally, some FAQs.

Video Tutorial:

What’s Needed

There are certain prerequisites that you need before adding a video to your podcast, which includes:

1. A compatible recording device: A device that can shoot videos and has a good resolution to meet the requirements and expectations of your audience.
2. Video editing software: To edit, customize, and modify video files.
3. A hosting platform: To store and handle your podcast files.
4. Video hosting platform: To store and manage your video files, and to link them to your podcast.

What requires your focus?

Before starting, you should focus on what you need to accomplish after adding video to your podcast. This includes the end-goal that you wish to achieve, how you plan to produce your videos, and how the audience will receive them.

You must know the purpose of adding video to the podcast; whether it’s for the visual effect, sharing information through visuals, or adding a complementary aspect to the audio version. Also, consider the audience’s expectations, opinion, interest, and preferences to make sure whether or not the addition of video will serve them at its best.

Methods to Add Video to Spotify Podcast:

Here are 3 methods that can be used to add video to Spotify podcasts:

Method 1: Use to add video to your podcast is a popular podcast hosting platform, and it also allows users to upload and embed videos into their podcast. It is easy to use and has a straightforward process to add video content to a podcast.

1. Create an account on and sign in to your profile.
2. Click on the “New Episode” button and select the “Audio” option.
3. Record your audio or upload the audio file that you want to use.
4. Select the “Video” option below the audio settings, and choose the video file from your device or cloud storage.
5. Edit and manage your video, and add any other details if required.
6. Save it, and proceed to publish your Podcast on Spotify.

– Easy to use
– Compatible with multiple video formats
– Can add other visual elements such as Images, Transitions for an overall better user experience.

– Limited to only users
– Video options are limited

Method 2: Use Buzzsprout to add video to your podcast

Buzzsprout is another widely-popular podcast hosting platform, which now offers an option to add video content as well. It provides an easy-to-use interface and several features to enhance the overall listening experience, including a great user interface for modifying video files before embedding them into a podcast.

1. Log in to your Buzzsprout profile
2. Click “Episode” and select the episode of which you wish to add the video.
3. Click on the “Add Video” option and choose the video file.
4. Edit, modify and customize your video.
6. Go to Spotify and publish your podcast.

– Provides good video editing options
– Moderately simple to use
– Compatible with multiple video formats

– Limited Video hosting options
– Requires a subscription beyond the free trial.

Method 3: Use Libsyn to add video to your podcast

Libsyn is a podcast hosting platform primarily focused on audio-based podcasts. However, it does provide options to embed video content to the podcast as well. This method is meant for more professional podcasters as it does require some technical know-how of video editing and podcast management.

1. Log in to your Libsyn account and click on the “Content” tab.
2. Choose the episode of which you wish to add the video.
3. Upload your video file.
4. Edit, modify and customize your video.
5. Go to your Spotify account and publish your podcast.

– Offers complete creative freedom in terms of video editing
– Integrates with multiple podcast hosting platforms.

– Advanced video editing skills required
– Expensive subscription plans

Why Can’t I Add Video to Spotify Podcasts?

There are a few reasons why Spotify currently doesn’t allow video for podcasts:

1. Bandwidth and Storage Concerns – Streaming high-quality video takes much more bandwidth and storage than audio, which would eventually cost more to Spotify and users.
2. Platform Consistency – Spotify is originally a music streaming platform and they try to keep the consistency in terms of quality and user experience for their users.
3. Focus on Audio – As of now, Spotify managers believe that their users are content with the audio experience and won’t require video addition.

Implications and Recommendations

Adding video to your podcast can have certain implications, both positive and negative, which you should consider before making a final decision.

– Reaching a wider audience
– A better user experience for the audience
– Higher storage and bandwidth requirements
– May require more extra expenses.

– Study your audience’s preferences and requirements
– Start small. Add only when needed, and gradually increase the extent of the video.
– Use good quality equipment to shoot videos


Q. Does adding video to a podcast useful?

A. Yes, it can enhance the audience’s experiences and attracts more viewership, which can eventually lead to monetization.

Q. Can I add any format of video to Spotify podcasts?

A. No, Spotify only supports MP4 format videos.

Q. Does adding video to podcasts require a subscription?

A. It depends on the hosting platform. Some platforms offer it for free, and for some, subscription is required.

Q. How much storage space do video files for podcasts require?

A. It depends on the length, quality, and size of the video and its format.

Q. Which of the three methods mentioned is the best?

A. It depends on your technical abilities, budget, editing requirements, and overall needs.

In Conclusion

Adding video content to the Spotify podcast has many potential benefits, and the 3 methods discussed in this article are meant to fulfill the needs of a variety of podcasters. It is recommended that you study the implications, weigh the pros and cons, consider the tools, and most importantly, understand your audience’s requirements and preferences before making a final decision.