How to Bass Boost Spotify Pc Windows 10

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming applications that offers a vast library of songs, albums, and podcasts. Most of the users prefer Spotify to listen to their favorite songs, but sometimes the users are not satisfied with the sound quality of the Spotify music, especially when it comes to bass.
A Bass Boost can add depth and richness to your music, allowing you to hear the beat and rhythm better. This article will help you to learn how to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10 effortlessly.

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Why You Need to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10

Sometimes, the original bass of the song is not enough or not up to the mark. Bass boost helps to enhance the bass frequencies in your system’s audio output, giving you a more enjoyable experience in music. Spotify’s Bass Boost feature enables you to customize the audio settings to achieve a better listening experience. By using the Equalizer in Spotify, you can adjust the sound frequencies in your music to improve your audio experience. Additionally, adding a Bass Boost adds depth and richness to your music, making bass-heavy songs more enjoyable to listen to.

Method 1: Bass Boost using Windows 10 Sound Settings

Windows 10 comes with a built-in sound settings feature that allows users to control their audio output. Here’s how to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10 using sound settings:

Step 1: Right-click on the speaker icon present at the bottom right corner of the taskbar, choose Open Sound Settings.

Step 2: In the Sound settings window, scroll down and select the Sound Control Panel option under Related Settings.

Step 3: Once the Sound Control Panel opens, select the Speakers option and click on Properties.

Step 4: In the Speakers Properties window, navigate to the Enhancements tab and select the Bass Boost option from the list.

Step 5: Click on Apply and then OK to save the changes.

-Quick and easy to use
-No need for any third-party applications

-Limited customization options
-The Bass Boost feature may vary depending on the soundcard’s support.

Method 2: Bass Boost using Spotify Equalizer

Spotify’s built-in equalizer feature lets you customize the sound frequencies in your music to get the best possible audio experience. Here’s how to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10 using Spotify Equalizer:

Step 1: Launch the Spotify application and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click on the three dots icon present on the top-left corner of the screen and select the Settings option.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Music Quality option and select Equalizer.

Step 4: In the Equalizer settings window, enable the toggle button next to the Bass Boost option.

Step 5: Adjust your Bass Boost settings according to your preference.

Step 6: Once you’re satisfied with the changes, click on Save to apply the Bass Boost settings.

-Easy to access from the Spotify application.
-Fully customizable according to users’ preferences.

-The Equalizer is only available in the premium version of Spotify.

Method 3: Bass Boost using third-party applications (e.g., Equalizer APO)

In addition to the Windows 10 Sound Settings and Spotify Equalizer, third-party applications can also help you to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10. One of the popular third-party applications is the Equalizer APO. Here’s how to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10 using Equalizer APO:

Step 1: Download and install the Equalizer APO application on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2: Launch the Equalizer APO application and select your output device.

Step 3: Select the Bass Boost option in the Peace interface and adjust the settings based on your preferences.

Step 4: Click on the Add (+) button to save changes.

Step 5: Launch Spotify and navigate to the song you want to Bass Boost.

Step 6: Play the song, and you’ll notice the Bass Boost applied.

-Fully customizable Bass Boosting settings.
-Can be used across multiple applications.

-Equalizer APO can be complex for beginners.
-Third-party applications may affect the system’s performance.

What to Do If You Can’t Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10

If you’re unable to apply Bass Boost to Spotify on Windows 10, some factors might be the cause. Firstly, check if you have updated to the latest version of Spotify. Secondly, check whether your system sound drivers are updated to their latest version. Lastly, if none of the above works, try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify.

Bonus Tip: Pre-made equalizer solutions

One more option is to download equalizer applications that come preloaded with different Bass Boost settings. Some of the popular equalizer applications are Boom 3D and EQ Audio Equalizer. Download any of these applications, launch them, and select the preset settings that boost the bass.

5 FAQs

Q1: What is Bass Boost?

A: Bass Boost is a feature that enhances the bass frequencies in your audio output, which adds depth and richness to your music.

Q2: Can I apply Bass Boost to any music genre?

A: Yes, Bass Boost can be applied to any music genre.

Q3: What is a sound card?

A: A sound card is a hardware component that processes audio signals into digital data that can be understood by the computer system.

Q4: Can third-party Bass Boosting applications harm my system?

A: If you download applications from trusted sources, there is no risk of harming your system.

Q5: Do I need the premium version of Spotify to access the Equalizer feature?

A: Yes, the Equalizer feature is only available for Premium Spotify users.

Final Thoughts

Customizing the audio settings to achieve the best possible audio experience is essential for every music enthusiast. Successfully Bass Boosting Spotify on Windows 10 requires patience and experimentation, but the effort is worth it. We’ve outlined three methods to Bass Boost Spotify on Windows 10 to help you get your desired audio experience. Remember to choose the method that’s best suited to your needs, and enjoy your music to the fullest.