How to Build Followers on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. For musicians and artists, it’s a great way to get their music out there and be discovered by new fans. However, getting followers on Spotify can be a challenge. In this blog, we’ll explore some effective methods to help you build followers on Spotify.

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What’s Needed

To build followers on Spotify, you’ll need to have a profile on the platform, and your music should be available for streaming. Additionally, you should have an understanding of your target audience and what kind of music they’re interested in. Finally, it’s important to remember that building a following takes time and effort.

What Should I Pay Attention To?

Before we dive into the methods of building followers on Spotify, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s important to engage with your audience. Responding to comments, messages, and sharing content can build a stronger connection with your listeners. Additionally, consistency is key. Regularly releasing new music and keeping your profile up to date can keep your audience engaged. Finally, promoting your music through social media and other channels can help attract new followers.

Method 1: Share Your Spotify Profile on Social Media

One of the easiest and most effective ways to gain followers on Spotify is to promote your profile on social media. Here are the steps:

1. Share your Spotify profile link on your social media accounts.
2. Encourage your followers to follow you on Spotify and listen to your music.
3. Include your Spotify profile link in your social media bios.


– Easy way to reach a large audience
– Can be done for free


– May not be effective in reaching a new audience outside of your social media following
– Has potential to come off as too promotional if overdone

Method 2: Collaborate with Other Artists

Collaborating with other artists can help you reach a new audience and gain more followers on Spotify. Here’s how:

1. Connect with artists in a similar genre as yours.
2. Collaborate on a song or playlist together.
3. Promote each other on social media and through other channels.


– Exposes your music to a new audience
– Builds relationships with other artists in your genre


– Can take time and effort to find the right collaborator
– May not be effective if the collaborating artist has a small following

Method 3: Utilize Spotify Ads

Spotify offers various advertising options for artists, including sponsored playlists and audio ads. This can help you reach new listeners and gain more followers. Here’s how:

1. Create a Spotify Ad campaign, selecting your target audience and campaign goals.
2. Choose your ad format (audio or sponsored playlists).
3. Set your budget and launch your campaign.


– Can reach a large and targeted audience
– Advertisements can be highly interactive, with clickable elements that can take the user directly to your profile


– Advertisements can be expensive
– May not be effective if the ad is not targeted or designed well

Method 4: Release New Music Consistently

Releasing new music consistently can keep your current followers engaged and attract new listeners. Here’s how:

1. Determine a schedule for releasing new music (such as every three months).
2. Create and produce new music on a regular basis.
3. Share the new music on your social media accounts and promote it on Spotify.


– Keeps your audience engaged and interested in your music
– Shows growth and progression in your career as an artist


– Takes time and effort to produce new music on a consistent basis
– May be difficult to balance quality and quantity

Why Can’t I Gain More Followers on Spotify?

Gaining more followers on Spotify can be challenging, even when utilizing the methods we’ve outlined. Here are a few reasons why you might not be gaining as many followers as you’d like:

1. Your music isn’t reaching the right audience.
2. You’re not releasing new content consistently enough.
3. Your social media presence isn’t strong enough to attract new followers.
4. You’re not engaging with your current audience enough.


1. Reevaluate your target audience and try to reach them through various channels.
2. Determine a consistent schedule for releasing new music.
3. Build your social media presence and promote your music on various platforms.
4. Respond to comments and messages, interact with your followers, and promote engagement.


Building a following on Spotify takes time and effort. Here are a few additional suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Utilize Spotify statistics to track the success of your methods.
2. Consider using a third-party platform to help promote your music.
3. Collaborate with bloggers and music influencers to get your music featured.


Q: Can I buy followers on Spotify?

A: No, buying followers goes against Spotify’s terms and conditions.

Q: How do I make my Spotify profile stand out?

A: Use a professional profile picture and header image, optimize your bio with relevant information, and include links to your social media accounts.

Q: Can I use Spotify to promote my merchandise?

A: Yes, you can add links to your merchandise website in your bio and use Spotify Ads to promote your merchandise.

Q: How important is it to have a large following on Spotify?

A: While having a large following can help attract more listeners, quality engagement with your current followers is more important.

Q: Can I promote my music on Spotify even if I’m not a signed artist?

A: Yes, anyone can create a profile on Spotify and promote their music on the platform.


Building a following on Spotify takes time and effort, but by utilizing the methods we’ve outlined, you can attract new listeners and gain more followers. Remember to engage with your audience, release new content consistently, and promote your music through various channels. By following these tips and strategies, you can build a successful career as an artist on Spotify.