How to Copy Spotify Playlist to Youtube Music

Online music streaming is an amazing experience but subscribing to multiple music streaming platforms can be costly. Many people are looking for ways to move their playlists between different music platforms to enjoy their music without any extra expense. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to copy Spotify playlist to Youtube Music. We will give you different methods to copy your Spotify playlist into Youtube Music with few easy steps.

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Why You Need to Copy Spotify Playlist to Youtube Music

Spotify and Youtube Music are two of the most popular music streaming platforms that millions of people use around the world. Spotify dominates the music streaming industry, while Youtube Music is quickly gaining traction. Although both of these platforms offer excellent music streaming services, they have different content, and making regular subscriptions to both can be expensive. So, you may consider moving your playlist from Spotify to Youtube Music. Transferring your favorite playlists from Spotify to Youtube Music affords you the opportunity to enjoy your music and discover new music without incurring additional costs.

Method 1: Via Songshift

Songshift is a third-party app that allows you to make playlist transfers between different music platforms, including Spotify and Youtube Music. This method is quite simple, and you don’t have to pay for anything. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Download Songshift from the App store or Google play store.
2. After downloading the app, open it and follow the in-app prompts provided.
3. Once you are inside Songshift, click on the “setting” tab from the app’s home screen. Select the source for your playlist, which is Spotify.
4. A prompt message will show up, instructing you to grant Songshift permission to access your Spotify account. Click yes if prompted.
5. Select the “Add new playlist” tab available on the home screen of the app.
6. Choose the Spotify playlist that you want to copy.
7. After selecting your Spotify playlist, click on “Destination” and select Youtube Music.
8. A prompt message will appear, instructing you to grant Songshift permission to access your account for Youtube Music. Click yes if prompted.
9. Select the “Copy Playlist” tab located on the Songshift home screen.


– Songshift does not require a payment before use.
– You can copy your entire playlist with a single click.
– Songshift has a user-friendly interfaces that enhances user experience.


– It might be tedious to complete the permission-granting process before playlist transfer.
– Songshift may not be able to transfer certain playlist items.

Method 2: Via Tune My Music

Tune My Music is another free third-party app for transferring playlists between different music streaming platforms. With Tune My Music, you can move over your complete Spotify playlists into YouTube Music in few easy steps. Here’s how:

1. First, navigate to Tune My Music website at
2. Once you are inside the Tune My Music website, select the “Get Started” tab.
3. Select your “Source” platform (Spotify) and “Destination” platform (Youtube Music).
4. Click on start to begin.
5. A prompt message will appear, instructing you to connect your Spotify account to Tune My Music. Click yes if prompted.
6. After the connection is confirmed, select the playlist that you want to copy.
7. Click on “Destination” and select Youtube Music.
8. Another prompt message will appear, instructing you to connect with your Youtube Music account.
9. Allow Tune My Music permission to your Youtube Music account and click yes if prompted.
10. Select the “Start moving my music” tab, and the transfer will commence.


– Tune My Music provides free services.
– You can copy the full Spotify playlist in a few clicks.
– The app interface is easy to use and navigate.


– There may be some bugs or glitches during the Spotify playlist transfer.
– The app allowed for only 1-time daily transfer limit with offering a package for more.

Method 3: Via Soundiiz

Soundiiz is another efficient third-party app for playlist transfer that supports different platforms like Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, Tidal, and many more. With Soundiiz, you can quickly move your playlist from Spotify to Youtube Music. Let’s see how easy it is:

1. Go to the Soundiiz website at
2. Create a Soundiiz account if you haven’t already.
3. Select the “Platform to Platform” option on the app’s home screen.
4. Choose your “Source” playlist on Soundiiz, which is Spotify.
5. A prompt message will show up, instructing you to sign in with Spotify to confirm Soundiiz’s access permission. Click yes if prompted.
6. After the connection is confirmed, select the Spotify playlist that you want to move to Youtube Music.
7. Click “Destination” and choose Youtube Music.
8. Connect with your Youtube Music account by granting the access permission.
9. After the Youtube Music account connected, Press the “Convert” button and wait for the conversion to complete.
10. Finally, click on “Finish” and your Spotify playlist will be copied to Youtube Music.


– Soundiiz provides excellent service when transferring music platforms.
– You can copy multiple playlists of multiple sources in only a few minutes.
– It presents suggestions based on the recipient’s favorite songs and playlists.


– Soundiiz offers a limited free trial service before signing up for a premium subscription.
– The Soundiiz website interface is not as user-friendly as other apps.

What to Do If You Can’t Copy Spotify Playlist to Youtube Music

Although the above methods produce remarkable solutions to copying Spotify playlists into Youtube Music, they might not work as expected for everyone under certain conditions. So, if the method you have used does not work, try these fixes to resolve the issue:

1. Confirm that the playlist transfer methods are up to date.
2. Check the playlist items that you intend to transfer to ensure that they are error-free.
3. Clear cache and cookies, then retry the Spotify play-copying process.
4. Disconnect and reconnect the app with your Spotify and Youtube Music accounts.
5. Log out and log in to your Spotify and Youtube Music account, then restart the platform-transfer process.

Bonus Tip

For an alternative Youtube Music player interface, you can try Musi. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices with an easy installation process from the respective app stores; Musi allows you to stream music on Youtube and create playlists for free, with a few pop-up ads and offers a premium version to remove ads and unlock more features.

5 FAQs

Q1: Can I copy Spotify Playlist to YouTube music without a premium subscription on both platforms?

A: Yes, it is possible, and the processes are even easier than with premium services.

Q2: How secure is copying my playlist from one platform to another with third-party apps?

A: Third-party apps like Tune My Music, Songshift, and Soundiiz operate with strict security measures that ensure that users’ privacy and data are secured.

Q3: Can Musi be used on a computer?

A: Musi was designed primarily for mobile phones. However, it can be accessed via the web on a computer.

Q4: Can I transfer some specific songs to Youtube Music via Soundiiz?

A: Yes, it is possible to copy only a few selective songs, provided they are available on Youtube Music.

Q5: What happens to my Spotify account after creating a copy of the playlist on Youtube Music?

A: Nothing happens to your Spotify account settings or playlist, It remains exactly the same.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, moving your Spotify playlist to Youtube Music comes with significant cost benefits while offering you the chance to explore more exciting music content. The three methods mentioned in this blog post are excellent solutions to copy offline Spotify playlists to Youtube Music. You can choose any of them that works conveniently for you, as they are all easy to use, and offer free services.