How to Download Songs from Spotify Mobile

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services that provides instant access to millions of songs and various podcasts. However, one thing that sets it apart from many other online music streaming platforms is its offline playing feature. It allows you to download your favorite songs into the app so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere without necessarily being connected to the internet. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to download songs from Spotify Mobile, and explore various methods that you can use to save your playlist offline.

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What’s Needed

Before we delve into the methods of downloading music from Spotify Mobile, here are a few essentials that you need to have:

  1. The Spotify Application installed on your device.
  2. A Premium account subscription (to download or stream offline on Spotify)
  3. Stable internet connection to download the songs
  4. Sufficient storage space on the device.

What Requires Your Focus?

To download tracks from Spotify Mobile, you have to concentrate on the following:

  1. Ensure that you have a Spotify Premium Subscription
  2. Choose between the quality of streaming you want and the amount of storage you have left in your device
  3. Understand the various methods of downloading songs from Spotify Mobile and which one suits you best.

Different Methods to Download Songs from Spotify Mobile

Here are three methods to download songs from Spotify Mobile:

Method 1: Download via Spotify application on iOS or Android device

This method involves downloading songs through the Spotify Mobile app, and it’s easy to follow. Here are the instructions:

1. Launch the Spotify app and go to the library.
2. Identify the playlist or album that you want to download.
3. Enable the "Download” toggle button to initiate the download process.
4. The download process will begin, so ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
5. After the download is complete, the song will be in your “Downloads” folder.


  • You can download the music directly into the Spotify app.
  • Spotify will automatically download the songs in your playlist when on Wi-Fi.
  • It allows you to download individual tracks, whole albums, and playlist according to your preference.


  • You cannot transfer the downloaded songs to any other device except the one where you downloaded them.
  • You need a premium subscription to enjoy this feature.
  • It consumes a lot of storage space on your device.

Method 2: Via Audio Recording Software

Another method of downloading songs offline from Spotify Mobile is recording these tracks by using Audio Recording software. Here are the instructions:

1. Install and open your Audio Recording software – we recommend TunesKit, Audacity or Apowersoft.
2. Launch the Spotify app and play the song that you want to download on your device
3. Click on the “Record” button on the audio recording software.
4. The application will detect the audio playback automatically, and the audio recording software will start to record the sound.
5. Stop the recording and edit the duration length, playback format, and the quality of the sound as you wish. After editing, save the file.
6. Go to the file location where you have saved your recording and add it to your playlist.


  • You can download any song or sound from your Spotify account or other audio streaming services.
  • You don’t need a premium subscription to enjoy this feature.
  • The application supports various audio formats like mp3, WAV, etc.


  • The sound quality depends on the recording software used, and activities on your device may affect the quality of sound.
  • The recording process can be complex for beginners.

Method 3: Convert Spotify Playlist with Entry URLs to MP3 Files

This method involves using an online music streaming service like Musify to convert songs from your Spotify playlist to MP3 files. Here are the steps:

1. Launch Spotify and identify the playlist or album you want to download.
2. Copy the playlist URL or track URL of your favorite tracks from Spotify.
3. Visit this online webpage: and sign up or log in.
4. Paste the copied URL to the search bar provided, and then click “Convert”.
5. Choose the format of the output audio, and select an audio quality.
6. Click “Download” when ready, and the song will be converted to a MP3 file that you can save to your device.


  • You don’t need a premium subscription to enjoy this feature.
  • You can convert any track from Spotify playlists to MP3 files.
  • The website provides different output formats for downloaded songs like MP3, WAV or FLAC.


  • The sound quality may be low due to quality loss in conversion.
  • You may find that some songs’ titles or tracks may have been chosen incorrectly when you try to convert them.

Why Can’t I Download Songs from Spotify Mobile?

There are several reasons as to why you may find that you are unable to download songs from the Spotify Mobile app. Here are a few and fixes to them:

  1. You don’t have a premium subscription with Spotify. The fix is to buy a premium subscription.
  2. Your device doesn’t have enough storage space. The solution is to delete data or files that you no longer need or expand your storage capacity.
  3. You are not within a service area or have limited internet connectivity. Ensure you are within the service area or connect to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Implications and Recommendations

We recommend that you choose the method that suits you best, depending on your preferences, budget and technical skills. When it comes to downloading songs, it is essential to ensure that the music streaming service is legal, and the quality of the sound is excellent.

5 FAQs about Downloading Songs from Spotify Mobile

Q: Can I download music from Spotify Mobile without a premium subscription?

A: No, you cannot download music offline from Spotify Mobile without a premium subscription.

Q: Can I download songs from Spotify on my iPod Touch?

A: Yes, you can download songs from Spotify on your iPod Touch, provided you have a stable internet connection or wifi.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of songs I can download on Spotify Mobile?

A: There is no specific limit, but it depends on the size of your storage and the subscription package you choose.

Q: How can I check downloaded songs when offline on my device?

A: You can go to the Spotify app’s “Downloads” section to view your downloaded songs.

Q: How can I remove downloaded songs from Spotify?

A: Go to the Spotify app’s “Downloads” section, identify the track, playlist or album that you want to delete, and click on the “delete” button.

In Conclusion

Downloading music from Spotify Mobile is now more accessible, thanks to various available methods. Whether you are in a low or high budget and have minimal or significant technical skills, we recommend that you choose the method that you feel comfortable with. Remember that there are implications to downloading pirated music from unlicensed websites. So, always perfoming "legitimate downloading".