How to Find Radio Edit Songs on Spotify

As music fans, we love hearing our favorite songs on repeat. However, sometimes the explicit language used in the original version of the song may not be suitable for all audiences. This is where radio edit versions of the songs come in, as they remove or censor any explicit language, making them more appropriate for a wider audience. Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming platforms, offers radio edit songs for many popular tracks. In this blog, we will explore different methods to find and play radio edit songs on Spotify.

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What’s Needed

Before we begin, make sure that you have a Spotify account and the Spotify app either installed on your computer or phone. You will also need a good internet connection to listen to the songs without interruptions.

What Requires Your Attention?

Spotify does not always explicitly label radio edit versions of songs, so it may take some additional steps to find them. Additionally, not all songs have radio edit versions, so you may need to settle for the clean versions instead. Always double-check which version of the song you are playing before sharing or playing in public settings.

Method 1: Spotify’s Clean Versions Playlist

Spotify offers a Clean Versions playlist, which features recent popular tracks that have been edited for clean play.

1. Open the Spotify app and search for ‘Clean Versions’ in the search bar.

2. Click on the playlist titled ‘Clean Versions’ under the ‘Playlists’ tab.

3. Browse through the playlist and select the song you wish to play.

4. If the song has a radio edit version, it will be labeled as such, and you can then click the play button to listen.

Method 2: Explicit Filter

Spotify has an explicit filter option that, when enabled, will only show you clean versions of songs.

1. Open the Spotify app and go to the ‘Your Library’ tab.

2. Click on the gear icon, located in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the ‘Playback’ section, and toggle on the ‘Explicit Content’ filter.

4. Search for the song you wish to play using the search tab. Only clean versions of the song will appear in the search results.

Method 3: Search for Radio Edit Versions

If you know the name of the radio edit version, you can search for it directly on Spotify.

1. Open the Spotify app and search for the song you want to listen to.

2. If the song artist or album name is known, include it in the search bar as well.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the tracklist, and if offered, you should see the radio edit version of the song. It may be labeled as ‘clean version’ or ‘radio edit’.

4. Click on the song to begin playing.

Why Can’t I Find Some Radio Edit Songs?

1. Not All Songs Have Radio Edit Versions – Some songs that are explicit may not have radio edit versions available due to legal or other issues.

2. Discrepancies Among Streaming Platforms – Radio edit versions may appear on other streaming platforms that are not available on Spotify.

3. Limited Availability – Radio edits may only be available for a limited time or only in certain countries.

Fix: Unfortunately, there is no immediate fix for these issues. You can try looking for the clean version of the song or finding it on a different platform. Keep checking back on Spotify, as sometimes radio edit versions are added after the original release.

Implications and Recommendations

It is crucial to make sure that you are playing the correct version of the song, especially in professional or public settings. Listening to explicit versions of songs in these settings can lead to negative consequences. Always double-check the versions of songs before sharing or playing them in public settings.

We recommend using the explicit filter option in Spotify’s settings to avoid accidentally playing the inappropriate version of a song. Always practice caution when searching for radio edit versions of songs, as they may not always be available or labeled correctly.


Q: Can I find radio edit versions of old songs on Spotify?

A: Yes, it is possible, but it may take more effort. Firstly, try searching for the song with the terms ‘clean version’ or ‘radio edit’ added after the song’s title. If this does not work, search for the song or artist on Google, and then add ‘clean version’ or ‘radio edit’ to your search query. You may come across the radio edit version of the song on another platform, adding it to your Spotify playlist, or searching for it on a recognized website that specializes in offering clean versions of songs.

Q: Why do some songs keep pausing on Spotify?

A: Songs can stop playing randomly due to several reasons, including low internet connectivity, outdated Spotify app or software, corrupted cache files, or a full device memory. If this happens, try restarting the Spotify app, clearing the Spotify app’s cache, and ensuring that your internet connection is stable.

Q: Can you turn off the explicit filter?

A: Yes, you can. Go to the ‘Your Library’ tab, click on the settings button (gear icon), and scroll down to the playback section. Turn off the ‘explicit content’ filter by toggling the switch.

Q: Do all artist’s releases have a radio edit or clean version?

A: No, not all songs or albums have a clean or radio edit version due to artist preferences, legal limitations, or timing constraints. In some cases, some versions are only available in specific regions or countries.

Q: Can I share my radio edit playlist with my friends on Spotify?

A: Yes, you can share your radio edit playlist with your friends by sending them a link to your playlist or adding them to your playlist.