How to Get Rid Of Spotify Ads Free

Spotify is an incredible service that has revolutionized how we listen to music. It has an extensive song library, personalized playlists, and innovative discovery features. But the only downside of using the free version of Spotify is the constant interruption of ads. Listening to ads while enjoying your favorite playlist can be frustrating, especially when you’re doing something important. So, how can you get rid of Spotify ads free of cost? Let’s explore!

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Why You Need to Get Rid of Spotify Ads Free?

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services available with an intuitive interface and a massive song library. The only downside to using the free version of Spotify is that it displays ads every 15-20 minutes between the songs. These ads can be annoying and interruptive, distracting you from your music listening experience. Moreover, some ads can last for 30 seconds or even more, making you wait for your favorite song longer. So, it’s essential to get rid of Spotify ads free of cost and enjoy uninterrupted music listening for hours.

Method 1: Using a Hosts File

Hosting the file is an effective way to block Spotify ads, considering it redirects all the ads from the platform to the dead-end. Here are the steps to get rid of Spotify ads free using the Hosts file.

1. To start, open Notepad with administrator privileges.

2. Secondly, you have to click on “File” from the main menu. Then choose “Open” and look for the hosts file.

3. Once you find the file, copy and paste the following code at the end of the file.



4. Save the changes by clicking on ‘File’ and then selecting ‘Save.’

– Free to use
– Ads are blocked across all devices
– Quick and easy to set up

– Doesn’t work with all VPNs
– If the hosts file is frequently updated, users will need to manually update their saved copy

Method 2: Using a VPN

Spotify serves different types of ads to users based on their geographic location. Unfortunately, annoying ads are more often served to users living in areas with a low purchasing power. Changing your IP address to a different location with a high purchasing power can sometimes block these unwanted Spotify ads. How to do this? here are some simple steps to get rid of Spotify ads with a VPN.

1. Firstly, download and install the VPN of your choice.

2. Open the VPN app and sign in using the account credentials.

3. Choose the server location where Spotify ads are not available. Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are popular options, where users have reported more ad-free listening experiences.

4. Once connected, open Spotify to start listening to ad-free music.

– Many VPN providers offer a free trial
– Can evade geographic limitations
– Protects your digital identity

– Not all VPNs are secure
– Can slow down your internet speed

Method 3: Use a Spotify Ad Blocker

If you don’t want to mess with VPNs or host files, third-party ad-blocking solutions can help you get rid of the Spotify ads. There are many Spotify Ad Blockers available on the internet that block unwanted ads. Here’s how to use an ad-blocker to get rid of Spotify ads free.

1. The first step is to download the Spotify Ad Blocker of your choice.

2. Install the application, then open it to launch.

3. The software runs simultaneously with Spotify, and its ad-blocking algorithm automatically detects and blocks any advertisements that play during your music streaming sessions.

– Simple to use
– Reliable results
– User-friendly interface

– Some Spotify Ad Blockers are not free
– Some Ad Blocker programs may break from time to time.

What to Do If You Can’t Get Rid of Spotify Ads?

Suppose you’ve tried all of the above methods, and Spotify is still displaying ads, there are a few recommendations you can try.

1. Check that you’re running the most recent version of the Spotify application. Sometimes older versions may still contain vulnerabilities that make it easier for apps to show ads through bypassing your defense measures.

2. Try restarting your Spotify application.

3. Try these methods on another PC or device to verify the results.

Bonus Tip: Premium subscription

Suppose you’re not impressed with the above free methods and still can’t get rid of Spotify ads using the free solution. In that case, the easiest solution is to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Subscription to Spotify Premium removes all ads in one quick and easy step.

5 FAQs About How to Get Rid of Spotify Ads Free

Q1: Is it illegal to use Spotify ad-blockers?

A1: No, it is not technically illegal. However, it breaches the Spotify terms of service agreement.

Q2: Can I use a free VPN to block Spotify ads?

A2: Yes, many free VPNs are available in the market for Spotify users. However, these services tend to slow down your internet speed, may serve dodgy ads and may not fully protect your online anonymity.

Q3: Are Spotify ad-blockers anti-virus safe?

A3: Be careful when using third-party ad-blocker tools, as some of them may contain malware. Read reviews and do research before downloading anything from an unknown source.

Q4: Will Spotify sue people for using ad-blockers?

A4: While Spotify doesn’t sue people for using ad-blockers, they’re attempting to catch up with face detection and copyright infringement controls.

Q5: If I subscribe to Spotify premium, will it remove the ads completely?

A5: Yes, subscribing to Spotify premium is the easiest way to get rid of ads as it removes all ads from the platform in one step.

Final Thoughts

Trying to listen to music with regular ads is stressful and may impact your user experience. This is why getting rid of Spotify ads free of cost is crucial. While the above methods offer some promising results to solve this issue, installing a third-party ad-blocking application remains the best option for many reasons. Ultimately, a subscription-based Spotify Premium service, designed explicitly to remove all ads, is the most reliable and easiest solution to go ad-free.