How to Remove Spotify Ads for Free

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms available today. It has a vast collection of songs, podcasts, and other audio content that you can enjoy. However, the platform has one downside, and that is the constant ads that pop up in between songs, and it can be frustrating to enjoy your favorite music seamlessly. But not to worry, as there are various ways to remove Spotify ads for free, which we’ll discuss in this article.

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Why You Need to Remove Spotify Ads for Free

Spotify is an excellent platform for music lovers, especially those on a tight budget. The free version of Spotify offers access to tons of music, but the constant ads that play in between songs can be disruptive and irritating, making it difficult to enjoy your music. Additionally, users that are on a tight budget may not be able to pay for a premium subscription, so they need to use a workaround to disable Spotify ads in the free version.

Method 1: Using the Hosts File

One method to eliminate Spotify ads for free involves modifying your computer’s Hosts file. This is a simple, effective method to block ads from getting through your device’s network. Here’s how to remove Spotify ads using the Hosts file:
1. Navigate to your computer’s Hosts file. On Windows, search for "Notepad" and launch the app as an administrator. On Mac, open Terminal and type "sudo nano /private/etc/hosts" (without quotes) and press Enter.
2. Once the file opens, type "" (without quotes) at the end of the file.
3. Next, save the file and exit.
4. Finally, restart your computer.


-It’s completely free and easy to use.
-This method will block Spotify ads across all platforms.


-Sometimes, some ads slip through the block.
-It’s challenging to undo the changes made to the Hosts file, which can affect browsing speed negatively if not done properly.

Method 2: Using EZBlocker

EZBlocker is a useful program that eliminates ads for Spotify users. It’s a simple and efficient way to remove Spotify ads for free. Here’s how you can use EZBlocker to remove Spotify ads:
1. Begin by downloading and installing EZBlocker on your computer.
2. Next, run the program and click on the "Block Ads" option.
3. EZBlocker will automatically mute the ads that pop up in between songs.


-EZBlocker is easy to use and takes care of everything automatically.
-The program is completely free.


-It can take a bit longer to install and use the program than other methods.
-EZBlocker isn’t available on mobile devices.

Method 3: Using Spotify Ad Blocker

Spotify Ad Blocker is another useful program that can help eliminate Spotify ads for free. It works well, and it’s easy to install and use.
1. Start by downloading and installing Spotify Ad Blocker on your computer.
2. Launch the program and wait for it to detect your Spotify account.
3. Once detected, the program will start blocking ads as you listen to music on Spotify.


-Spotify Ad Blocker is straightforward to use and requires no setup.
-The program starts blocking ads right away.


-It may not work efficiently on all devices.
-The program isn’t available for mobile devices.

What to Do If You Can’t Remove Spotify Ads for Free

If none of the three methods above works, try these alternatives:
-Try using a different web browser/install the latest updates.
-Try using a VPN to change your location.
-Try clearing your cache and cookies.

Bonus Tip

Another way to eliminate Spotify ads for free is to use a student discount if you’re eligible. Students get a discount on Spotify Premium membership, which removes the ads and offers several other benefits.

5 FAQs

Q1: Why is it essential to remove Spotify ads?

A: Spotify ads are disruptive and can detract from your listening experience, often leaving you frustrated and annoyed.

Q2: Will these methods work on mobile devices?

A: Not all methods will work on mobile devices. They typically work best on desktop and laptop computers.

Q3: Can these methods harm my computer?

A: None of these methods poses a threat to your computer. However, it’s always best to exercise caution when making changes to your device.

Q4: Is it legal to remove Spotify ads for free?

A: Removing Spotify ads for free can be a gray area from a legal standpoint, and it’s essential to understand the service’s terms and conditions.

Q5: Why spend money on a premium subscription if you can remove ads for free?

A: A premium subscription offers numerous benefits apart from removing ads, including better sound quality, offline playback, and the ability to skip tracks freely.

Final Thoughts

Removing Spotify ads for free doesn’t have to be tedious or complicated. With these three easy-to-use methods, you can get rid of those pesky ads and enjoy your music ad-free. Take note that some methods work better than others, so be sure to try each of them to find what works best for you. Additionally, it’s worth noting that removing ads on Spotify may be illegal in some regions. Therefore, it’s vital to do your research before adopting any of these methods.