How to See My Downloaded Songs on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services available for music enthusiasts all around the globe. One of the most amazing things about Spotify is that it allows its premium subscribers to download their favorite tracks for offline listening. Often, people mistakenly believe that the downloaded tracks are lost and wonder how to find them in their devices when in offline mode. For this reason, it is essential to get familiar with how to see your downloaded songs on Spotify.

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What’s Needed

To see your downloaded songs on Spotify, you need:

1. A Spotify account
2. A device, smartphone, or laptop with Spotify installed
3. A stable internet connection to perform the required actions

What Should I Pay Attention To?

Before finding ways on how to see your downloaded songs on Spotify, keep in mind important points:

1. Ensure enough storage space: Before downloading any track, one must ensure that their device has enough storage space. If the storage is full, the downloaded tracks will not be available.
2. Internet connection: One must make sure that they have an active internet connection to download the tracks from Spotify.
3. Automatic downloads: Spotify has default settings that allow automatic downloads when a new release is available. It might consume your data plan if you have your phone on mobile data. Ensure you have the app set up on WiFi download only or turn off automatic downloads.

Method 1: Find Downloaded Songs with the Download Tab

Firstly, let’s go through the simple way of finding your downloaded songs on Spotify in a few clicks.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on your device.

Step 2: On the bottom right, click on ‘Your Library’.

Step 3: Choose ‘Music.’ This section will start showing the albums and the track listings in rows by the artists and playlists, including all your downloaded music tracks.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Downloaded’ option located at the top of the playlists, album section. This would pull up a list of a collection of your downloaded songs on Spotify.

Step 5: If you decide to listen to the music online, tap the album or playlist’s title, which contains the song you want to hear, and it will start streaming for you.

Method 2: Display All Your Downloaded Songs with Filtered Playlists

This option is perfect for individuals who enjoy listening to music offline and also for individuals who have downloaded certain songs being a part of various playlists.

Step 1: Go to your Library by tapping on the Library icon.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Playlists’ option under the ‘Music’ category.

Step 3: Next, you need to click on the playlist where the selected songs are located, downloaded for offline listening.

Step 4: At the top of the playlist, you will see a green button that indicates the download status of the playlist. Once clicked, it filters and displays all filtered playlists on your device.

Method 3: Viewing Your Downloaded Tracks with the File Manager App

This option is for both Android and iOS users who want to access downloaded tracks directly from the device’s storage

Step 1: First, you need to download and install a File Manager App from the App Store, depending on the device you have.

Step 2: Open the File Manager app on your smartphone or laptop, depending on the device used.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Internal Storage’ option

Step 4: Next, click on the ‘Android’ folder, if using an Android device.

Step 5: Click on the ‘data’ folder and search for the ‘’ folder. Click on this folder.

Step 6: The next step is to click the ‘files’ folder and open a subfolder named ‘spotifycache’.

Step 7: Click on the ‘Storage’ option above and to the right of your playlist’s list once you’re in the cache folder. This will show you all of your downloaded songs.

Why Can’t I See My Downloaded Songs on Spotify?

There are a few reasons why you might not see your downloaded tracks on Spotify.

1. There might not be enough storage space on your device to keep the downloaded songs.

2. The downloaded tracks might be damaged or corrupted.

3. Your download might be still in progress due to network failure.


If you are encountering any download-related issues with Spotify, try deleting and re-installing the app on your device.

5 FAQs About How to See My Downloaded Songs on Spotify

Q1. How can I delete my downloaded tracks?

A1. To delete a song from your device, swipe left on it, and tap "Remove." You can delete the song from the playlist, your collection or altogether remove it from your Library.

Q2. How can I increase storage space for my downloaded tracks?

A2. To increase the storage space of your device, try deleting unwanted apps or transferring your necessary files to an external storage device.

Q3. Why are my downloaded songs skipping on Spotify?

A3. The reason for this can be an internet connectivity issue. You need to ensure a strong and stable internet connection to avoid interruptions.

Q4. Can I listen to my downloaded tracks without an internet connection?

A4. Yes, you can listen to your downloaded tracks on Spotify without an internet connection.

Q5. How many songs can I download on Spotify?

A5. Spotify offers a Premium subscription service that lets you download up to 10,000 tracks on five different devices.


To sum up, Spotify is a fantastic platform for listening to music online and offline. With this guide, you learned how to see your downloaded songs on Spotify in no time. If you face technical problems with your downloaded tracks, you can always try common solutions like deleting the app entirely and re-installing it. Listening offline to your favorite tracks on Spotify will never be a problem for you again.