How to Share Your Spotify Premium Account

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services in the world. It offers listeners a vast music collection with ease of access, both on desktop and mobile platforms. However, the subscription plan of Spotify can be a bit overwhelming because upgrading to the premium plan only rewards one Spotify account, leaving other music-loving friends and family without the perks. That’s when sharing a Spotify account comes to the rescue.

Sharing your Spotify Premium account allows multiple people to enjoy the benefits of one subscription instead of each member paying for their individual account. This article will guide you through the methods of sharing a Spotify account with your dear ones.

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The Challenge of Sharing Your Spotify Premium Account

Sharing a Spotify Premium account is not officially available to its users. The streaming service only permits one account for one user. Sharing accounts requires a workaround to bypass this limit.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to get around this obstacle to share your Spotify Premium account securely. We have collected 3 working methods, with a comprehensive step-by-step guide that can help you get started.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before diving into any of the methods to share your Spotify Premium account, there are some necessary things you should prepare.

1. A Spotify Premium account.
2. Users who you want to share the account with must have a Spotify account (free or premium) and know their Spotify account’s email address.
3. Make an agreement amongst users who will share the account. Create some rules or expectations for that account. For example, who will have control over the playlist, who will play music in which hours, how long each user can stream, etc.

Method 1: Sharing Spotify Account via Family Memberships

One of the easy and secure methods to share your Spotify Premium account is through a family membership plan. A Spotify Family subscription package lets you share your account with up to six people, for a total price of $14.99 per month.

Method 1 Detailed Steps:
1. Open the Spotify application on your desktop.
2. Click on the ‘Premium’ tab from the left panel.
3. Click on ‘Get Premium.’
4. Login to your account.
5. Select ‘Get Started’ under the ‘Spotify Premium Family’ option.
6. Click on ‘Add Family Member.’
7. Enter the email address of the account that you want to add.
8. Confirm the member from an email sent by Spotify.
9. Repeat the process for each member you want to add.
10. Begin sharing music with your family account.

1. Provides legal, authorized, and secure access to Spotify Premium accounts for up to six family members.
2. Enables household members to share the same music taste.
3. Cost-effective, considering six users share one family premium subscription.

1. Must trust members with account sharing capabilities.
2. Cannot share with friends outside the family account.
3. Everyone in the family group must live at the same address.

Method 2: Use Spotify’s Premium Account Owner’s Personal Account

This is a bit of a workaround that is technically against Spotify’s terms of use. It doesn’t ensure users’ safety as they have to share their private Spotify account details. However, it’s a free method that doesn’t require users to pay for additional subscriptions.

Method 2 Detailed Steps:
1. Request the Spotify Premium account owner’s username & password.
2. Go to
3. Click on the ‘Log In’ button.
4. Enter the account owner’s username & password.
5. Click on the ‘Log In’ button.
6. Now you can stream the account owner’s premium account.

1. It’s free to share Spotify Premium accounts.
2. Helps people to save money and permit unlimited access to music.
3. No complicated configurations or setup needed.

1. Account owner login details may expose security risks if not trustworthy.
2. Not authorized by Spotify to share premium accounts with third parties.
3. Incomplete account control while using someone else’s Spotify account.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party App

Another outside way to share Spotify Premium accounts is through a third-party application. These apps have been designed to bypass restrictions within Spotify’s policies. They permit multiple users to access premium membership accounts without compromising their login credentials.

Method 3 Detailed Steps:
1. Download and install the third-party app to share Spotify accounts.
2. Open the app and sign up for a new account.
3. Share the account information with the users you trust.
4. Login with the shared account information.
5. Enjoy the premium features.

1. More Control.
2. Its legal to use.
3. Premium Features are accessible to more people.

1. Third-party apps might have compatibility issues with different OS or devices.
2. Security concerns with third-party sites and applications.
3. Some third-party apps have hidden charges, ads, or other malicious software.

Why Can’t I Share My Spotify Account and Fixes

There are several reasons why sharing a Spotify Premium account might not work for some people. Below are some possible reasons, along with solutions to overcome them.

1. Account Sharing Limit Reached
Spotify has a strict policy against sharing accounts. As such, the company allows only one account to stream music at a time. This means that if one user is streaming music, the other user cannot use the same account.
Fix: Just upgrading to the family plan or using a third-party app can resolve these issues.

2. No Support for Simultaneous Streaming
Spotify does not support simultaneous streaming. This means that if one user is streaming music, the other user cannot use the same account.
Don’t Repeat:
Fix: Use the family account or use a third-party app.

3. Login Issues
Sometimes, Spotify Premium account owners may face login issues. This could be due to incorrect login credentials, expired/invalid account subscription, or payment failure issues.
Fix: Ensure your login credentials are correct, and your subscription is still valid. You can also contact Spotify support for further assistance.

Additional Tips

1. Share your Spotify account information only with people you trust.
2. Opt for authorized and legal methods of share premium accounts.
3. Sign out of your Spotify Premium account after using it on a public device.

5 FAQs about Sharing Your Spotify Premium Account

Q: Can I share my Spotify Premium account with anyone I know?

A: You can share your Spotify Premium account with your family members, friends, or any other trusted person you know. The only requirement is to have a Spotify account (either free or premium).

Q: Can I share my Spotify account with people who live in different locations?

A: Not with the family account plan. All six family members must share the same address.

Q: Is sharing a Spotify account against the company’s Terms of Service?

A: Officially, yes.

Q: Can I listen to music on Spotify Premium in offline mode?

A: Yes, Spotify Premium allows you to listen to music offline.

Q: Do I need to use the same password for both my Spotify and Facebook accounts to share my Spotify account via Facebook?

A: No, you can use different passwords for both accounts.

In Conclusion

Sharing a Spotify Premium account can be a fantastic way of experiencing all the benefits of the premium plan without breaking the bank every time. Correct preparation and choosing authorized methods can save users a lot of money and time. The article discussed how users can share their Spotify Premium account via family plans, password sharing, third-party apps, and overcoming issues faced while sharing accounts. Share and enjoy listening to your favorite music with your family and friends.