How to Sort Spotify Playlist on Pc

As a music streaming platform, Spotify has the ability to sort playlists to ensure that its users have a seamless listening experience. However, the online platform does not provide an in-app option to sort playlists, hence the need to explore other methods. This blog post seeks to highlight some effective ways of sorting Spotify playlists on your computer.

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The Challenge of Sorting Spotify Playlists on PC

Sorting Spotify playlists on a computer can be a daunting task because the platform does not provide an option to do so. This means that users have to sort their playlists manually, which can be time-consuming, especially for those with large playlists. However, there are various ways to do so, and we will explore them in this article.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before sorting your Spotify playlist on a computer, you would need a few things in place, including:

  • A PC with internet connectivity
  • An active Spotify account
  • A browser with internet connectivity
  • A software or application such as Excel or Notepad

Method 1: Alphabetical Sorting via Spotify Desktop App

Spotify’s desktop app provides an option for playlists to be sorted alphabetically. Follow the following steps to sort the Spotify playlist on your PC:

  1. Open the Spotify Desktop App
  2. Find and select the playlist you want to sort
  3. Click on the "Filter" button at the top right-hand corner of the interface. It should have three dots in it.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select “Custom Order” then select “A-Z” or “Z-A” depending on how you want to sort your playlist.
  5. Spotify will automatically sort your playlist alphabetically in ascending or descending order based on your selection.


  1. Easy and straightforward to execute.
  2. Sorting is done in the Spotify app, so there is no need for a third-party app.


  1. This method only sorts the playlist alphabetically.
  2. It doesn’t allow you to rearrange your playlist in any other order based on other filters like date added or song length.

Method 2: Spotify Web Playback Sorting

Spotify web player provides an option to sort your playlist and automatically saves the new order to your account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Spotify web player.
  2. Log in with your Spotify account details
  3. Find and select the playlist you want to sort
  4. Prioritize the order of how you want your songs arranged by dragging and dropping them as Spotify instructs you – they will probably have numbers next to them based on the order
  5. Alternatively, you can go ahead and sort alphabetically by clicking on the three dots (the “filter” button) next to the play button. From the dropdown menu, sort A-Z or Z-A.


  1. Easy to use and understand.
  2. The web player saves the new order to your account automatically, even if you close the website so you always have the kind of sorting you want.


  1. Sorting is done on the Spotify web player. You would need to have an internet connection and set up an account every time you want to sort your playlist.
  2. The sorting options with this method are limited to alphabetical and custom sort orders only.

Method 3: Sort Your Playlist via Export and Import Method (Excel)

The Export and Import method involves exporting the playlist from Spotify, sorting it in a third-party tool, and then re-importing it back to Spotify. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Use the Spotify Desktop App to export the playlist you want to sort. Go to the playlist and click on File and choose "Export Playlist" from the dropdown menu
  2. Save the exported CSV file to an empty folder on your computer and open it with Excel.
  3. Sort the CSV file in Excel by clicking on the column header you want to sort the playlist with. For example, you can sort by Artist, Album, or Title in ascending or descending order
  4. After sorting the playlist, save the updated CSV file by using “Save As” and then selecting “CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited)” file extension option
  5. To import the sorted playlist back to Spotify, go to the Spotify app and click on “File”, then select "Import Playlist" and select the CSV file you sorted


  1. This method has multiple sorting options such as ASC, DESC, by artist, by title, and so on.
  2. You can use tools like Excel to fine-tune the sorting to your exact preference.


  1. This method is a bit tedious and time-consuming and should only be used if you need and prefer more specific sorting options.
  2. You would need third-party software or applications like Excel or Notepad to sort your playlist.

Why Can’t I Sort My Spotify Playlist?

1. No sorting option online: Sort options are not available on the Spotify Online Player, despite being available on the Desktop App and Web App counterparts.

Fix: Use one of the above methods or download the Desktop App to sort your playlist.

2. Cache accumulation: The long usage of the Spotify playlist could lead to high cache accumulation, making the app freeze when the user tries to sort playlists
Fix: Clear your Spotify cache files, uninstall and reinstall the app. This clears up space for proper and swift sorting.

3. Third-party app compatibility: Problems with third-party applications interfere with playlist sorting
Fix: Use reputable third-party apps or the Spotify sorting methods listed above to sort your playlist.

Additional Tips

• When sorting your playlist, ensure that you have the correct spelling of your song title
• The methods above are not limited to sorting playlists;
• You can also sort the Artists, Albums, and Titles of the song of your choice.

5 FAQs about Sorting Spotify Playlist on Pc

Q1: Could sorting a Spotify playlist damage my playlist?

A: It is impossible for sorting to damage your playlist since the web player will only sort what you ask of it.

Q2: Can I sort my playlist by date added?

A: Unfortunately, no. You can only sort your playlist alphabetically or rearrange them in a custom order.

Q3: Can I sort my playlist without a Spotify account?

A: No. You need to have an active Spotify account to sort your playlist on your computer.

Q4: How long does it take to sort my Spotify playlist on my computer?

A: The time taken to sort a playlist depends on the method adopted, the size of the playlist, and the internet connectivity of your computer.

Q5: Can I find pre-sorted playlists on Spotify?

A: Yes. Spotify has pre-arranged playlists by genre, mood, and other categories. These pre-made playlists are accessible via the home icon on the Spotify app.

In Conclusion

Sorting Spotify playlists on your PC is easy and can be done using various methods, including Spotify desktop app, web player, and Export and Import Method. Ensure that you have the required software, if applicable, and follow the steps to sort your playlist swiftly and efficiently. With sorted playlists, you can enjoy seamless and uninterrupted listening on Spotify.