How to Use Spotify Premium Code

In this digital era, music has become one of the most integral parts of our lives. People are always looking for better ways to listen to their favorite tunes. One such approach that has gained immense popularity is Spotify. Spotify is an online music streaming platform where you can listen to millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. It has a free version where you can listen to music with ads, but there is a premium version that offers ad-free, high-quality audio, and some other added features. One way of accessing the premium version is by using a Spotify premium code that gives you access to the premium features.

In this blog post, we will explore several methods of using Spotify premium codes and what you should do if you’re unable to use them.

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Why You Need to Use Spotify Premium Code

Spotify offers a free version that has ads, limited skips, and lower sound quality. However, if you love music and want to listen without any hindrance, the premium version is the way to go. Here are some reasons why you need to use a Spotify premium code:

1. Ad-free Listening:

The premium version of Spotify is ad-free and no more interruption by annoying ads.

2. Unlimited Skips:

In the Spotify free version, you have a limited number of skips that you can make. However, with the premium version, you can skip as many songs as you want.

3. High-Quality Audio:

Spotify premium provides high-quality audio that ensures better sound quality and an enjoyable listening experience.

4. Accessible on Multiple Devices:

Unlike the free version, the premium version allows you to access Spotify on multiple devices.

5. Exclusive Access to New Releases:

Spotify premium users get access to new releases before the free version.

Method 1: Get Spotify Premium Code using Point Websites

One of the most natural ways to get a Spotify premium code is through online point websites. These websites reward you with points for completing different tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and referring friends. Once you collect enough points, you can redeem them for a Spotify premium code. Follow these steps to get your Spotify premium code using points websites:

Step 1:

Search for reputable point websites that offer Spotify premium codes. Examples of these sites are PrizeRebel, Swagbucks, and PointsPrizes.

Step 2:

Create an account with any of the point websites you have chosen.

Step 3:

Start taking surveys, watching videos, and completing various tasks that earn you points.

Step 4:

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for a Spotify premium code.

Step 5:

After obtaining the code, redeem it on the Spotify website to upgrade to the premium version.


-It’s a free method of obtaining a Spotify premium code.
-You don’t have to pay money to get the code.


-It takes time to complete surveys and accumulate enough points.
-You may have to complete numerous tasks before obtaining adequate points to redeem a Spotify premium code.

Method 2: Buy a Spotify Premium Code

You can purchase Spotify premium codes from various online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Once you buy your code, you can redeem it to gain access to Spotify’s premium features. Here is how to buy a Spotify premium code:

Step 1:

Search for online retailers that sell Spotify premium codes such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

Step 2:

Choose the type of code you want to purchase. Spotify offers different tiers of premium versions, including individual, duo, and family.

Step 3:

Make payment using a credit card, PayPal, or any other payment method the online retailer accepts.

Step 4:

Upon payment, you will receive your Spotify premium code.

Step 5:

Go to the Spotify website, log in to your account, and redeem the code to access Spotify premium features.


-It is a quick way of obtaining a premium Spotify code.
-You don’t need to complete surveys or any other tasks to get the code.


-You have to pay money to obtain the Spotify premium code.
-You might encounter fraudsters who sell fake Spotify premium codes, making you lose your money.

Method 3: Get Free Spotify Premium Code Via Trial

Spotify offers a free trial of its premium version that lasts for 30 days. You can take advantage of the free trial and access all of its features, including no ads, high-quality audio, and unlimited skips. The Spotify free trial requires you to have a credit card to subscribe, but you can cancel before the 30th day to avoid being charged. Here are the steps to get a free Spotify premium code via trial:

Step 1:

Go to the Spotify website and sign up for a free trial by providing your email address.

Step 2:

Choose the type of premium subscription you want and provide your credit card details.

Step 3:

Enjoy all the premium features for 30 days.

Step 4:

Cancel your subscription before the 30th day, or you will be charged for the subsequent month’s subscription.


-You get to enjoy all the premium features for free for 30 days.
-You don’t need to obtain a Spotify premium code.


-You have to provide credit card details, which may be insecure.
-Forgetting to cancel your subscription will lead to being charged a significant amount of money.

What to Do If You Can’t Use Spotify Premium Code?

If you face any challenges using Spotify premium code, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot.

1. Ensure that You are Entering The Code Correctly:

Ensure that you type or copy and paste the Spotify premium code correctly. A small mistake can prevent the code from working.

2. Check the Expiration Date of the Code:

Spotify premium codes have expiry dates. It would help if you checked the expiration date to avoid using an already expired code.

3. Ensure the Code is Not Already Used:

Spotify premium codes are meant for single use only. If the code has already been used, it won’t work.

4. Contact Spotify Customer Support:

If none of the above tips works, you can reach out to Spotify customer support for assistance.

Bonus Tip: Upgrade to Family or Duo Plans for More Savings

Spotify offers family plans and duo plans that are cheaper than purchasing individual plans for each member. The family plan covers up to six family members, while the duo plan is for two people. Consider upgrading to a family or duo plan if you plan to share your Spotify account with family or friends to save more money.

5 FAQs

Q1: How long does a Spotify premium code last?

A: Spotify premium codes last for one year.

Q2: Can I use a Spotify premium code to renew my existing subscription?

A: Yes, you can use a Spotify premium code to renew your existing subscription.

Q3: Can I share my Spotify premium account with others?

A: Yes, you can share your Spotify premium account with friends or family depending on the type of plan.

Q4: Can I use the Spotify premium code on multiple accounts?

A: No, Spotify premium codes are meant for a single account only.

Q5: Can I purchase more than one Spotify premium code?

A: Yes, you can purchase multiple Spotify premium codes.

Final Thoughts

Having access to unlimited ad-free music, high-quality audio, and exclusive new releases is every music lover’s dream. Spotify premium version offers that and much more. Obtaining a Spotify premium code is easy, whether by using point websites, buying it from online retailers, or taking advantage of the free month’s trial. We hope that the methods we’ve laid out in this blog post will help you get your Spotify premium code with ease. Remember, if you encounter any challenges when using the code, you can always troubleshoot by ensuring that the code is entered correctly, checking the expiry date, and contacting customer support when necessary.